How It Feels

Most patients do not feel the stimulation, while others may feel a slight tingling beneath the electrodes. Typically, patients feel more relaxed during the first 10 minutes of stimulation.


Treating Insomnia

To help get to sleep and stay asleep, use the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® for 20 minutes before going to bed. The device may be used as an alternative to sleep medication but is not a sedative - instead, patients wake up refreshed.

Treating Chronic Pain

Applied to the head, the device stimulates neurochemical production, including beta-endorphins (a pain suppressing neurochemical), which effectively treats fibromyalgia. The device may also be used to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. When applied to the body, the device can reduce muscle pain, phantom limb pain, post-operative pain, arthritis pain, gastrointestinal pain and many other forms of chronic body pain. The device has been proven in multiple published studies and has been prescribed by over 2,000 board-certified doctors.